Kansai Service Wide Front Fenders Nissan GTR R35
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While the GT-R is already an extremely capable car in stock form, as many track junkies have learned, when pushed hard, the GT-Rês deficit of front mechanical grip becomes more and more apparent. In particular, understeer and loss of front grip at the limit rear their ugly heads, adding precious seconds to laps. One option for increasing grip is adding wider wheels and tires, however the GT-Rês stock front fenders quickly become a limiting factor. Several tuners have experimented with different combinations of wheels, tires, spacers and stock fender modification to often come to the same result; the GT-R needs wider front fenders! Kansai Service came to this same conclusion and released their full replacement Wide Front Fender Kit. The kit includes replacement FRP front fenders that widen the front track by 25mm (~1”) on each side. The front lip kit includes replacement front fenders, add-on pieces for the front bumper cover that allow for a –seamless” look, as well as replacement front LED signal / marker lamps that have been modified to fit flush with the new widened track. This kit includes replacement CLEAR front LED signal lamps. Part #: KAN101C

Kansai Service

Once one of the largest HKS-backed distributors and tuning shops in Japan, Kansai Service branched off to become not only a knowledgeable and reputable tuning shop, but an extremely popular aftermarket and racing parts manufacturer. Kansai Service has been involved with the Nissan R35 GT-R since day one, having produced several extremely fast circuit cars, as well as large and very popular line of performance parts for the GT-R.

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